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For the last few months, my computer has been crashing whenever I try to play the sims or go on the internet.. Today I FINALLY got it fixed. Turns out it was something pretty simple.  My computer was set to ask me before it installs anything,  and somehow that got turned off. So this whole time it has been updating things on its own, and an error occured when it was updating the graphics card driver.  So anytime the graphics card had to make its magic, the computer would just crash. I feel really stupid for not realizing it sooner. All I had to do was uninstall the driver and get the new one. I'm so dumb sometimes.

After I got it fixed, I decided to play TS2 and lost interest after waiting 35 minutes. So I played TS3 instead. It loads almost instantly.


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hi ^^
now you'll be watched by Samara's evil eyes ;)